Adrien Fourmaux already surrounded by transfer rumours – “I think he doesn’t want to”

Adrien Fourmaux has made a splash in the WRC this season.
Adrien Fourmaux. Photo: Pentti-Oskari Ilmonen
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The French driver gained experience in the WRC2 category last year and returned to the wheel of the M-Sport Ford Rally1 car this season. The first seven rallies of this year have brought three podium finishes.

Fourmaux’s name has therefore entered driver speculations as jobs for next season are being allocated. M-Sport team principal Richard Millener, however, is confident that neither Toyota nor Hyundai will be able to lure the Frenchman to their ranks.

“I’m sure he’s a man in demand already and our number one goal is to ensure that Adrien doesn’t leave the team because he’s an incredible talent and I think he doesn’t want to,” Millener told DirtFish.

“He’s very happy with the team; he’s got a lot of respect for Malcolm [Wilson]; he’s got the team working for him. He’s built this team around him now and that’s where you get the most success.”

M-Sport is famously the underdog in the WRC, as the resources of a private team are far from those of factory teams.

“I think he enjoys being with us and at this stage in his career he enjoys the fight of being more of an underdog against the others. He knows that if he goes to any other teams he’s got world champions to deal with and in M-Sport he can get what he wants,” Millener promises.

“Anything he needs will come to him. We treat the drivers fairly but he will get what he needs to do the job, and he’s clever enough to know that he shouldn’t underestimate that.”

A French driver in a British team isn’t always the easiest combination, but in the case of Fourmaux and M-Sport, things have rolled along smoothly.

“He’s French, but we’ve certainly got him to the English humor levels and dryness, so he’s pretty good,” Millener laughs.

“But he’s competitive, he’s hard on us when he needs to be, but he’s good with us when he needs to be as well so it’s always a pleasure working with him.”

The WRC continues next week in Latvia.

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