Here are the readers’ dream routes for Rally Finland – Jari-Matti Latvala chose the winner’s sister site organised a playful competition where readers got to design their own dream route for Rally Finland. The results are now in.
Jari-Matti Latvala
Jari-Matti Latvala. Photo: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool
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Almost 60 routes were submitted by readers, thank you to everyone who participated! The and editorial team, together with Toyota’s team principal Jari-Matti Latvala, have selected the top three, which are presented in this article.

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#1 Arto Koivumäki

Shakedown: Rannankylä
SS1+10: Harju
SS2+6: Kuohu
SS3+7: Parkkola
SS4+8: Urria
SS5+9: Jukojärvi
SS11+15: Pihlajakoski
SS12+16: Päijälä
SS13+17: Ouninpohja
SS14+18: Himos
SS19+21: Vartijamäki
SS20+22: Mutanen *Power Stage

Latvala’s favourite is Arto Koivumäki’s route. It includes special stages familiar from recent years of Rally Finland, like Päijälä and Pihlajakoski, but also sections that have been quiet for several years.

Koivumäki chose Rannankylä as the shakedown, which Latvala has also driven in 2010 and 2023.

“Rannankylä was a really good road as a shakedown, I liked it even more than Ruuhimäki. Ruuhimäki is nicer to drive in the rally,” ponders Latvala.

The Sunday loop near Joutsa excites Latvala.

“Vartijamäki would be a really great special stage for the drivers, although unfortunately, the best part cannot be driven anymore as it is now part of a nature reserve. But the road with the steps could still be included,” dreams Latvala.

Oittila was the Power Stage in Rally Finland in 2016–2017 in a shorter version. Latvala thought it was a good Power Stage but preferred the 2018–2019 version, which had a challenging narrow section at the beginning.

#2 Henri Spring

Shakedown: Ruuhimäki (2017)
SS1+10: Harju
SS2+6: Valkola (2001)
SS3+7: Sirkkamäki (2010)
SS4+8: Myhinpää (2014)
SS5+9: Halttula (2023)
SS11+15: Leustu (2011)
SS12+16: Juupajoki (2007)
SS13+17: Ouninpohja (2000)
SS14+18: Vaheri (Patajoki 2022)
SS19+21: Humalamäki (2020)
SS20+22: Parkkola (2004) *Power Stage

Jari-Matti Latvala also praises Henri Spring’s route. Friday’s route includes sections that Latvala himself chose for his dream route, but the concluding stage of Halttula has divided opinions.

“Halttula is an untypical stage for Rally Finland, its character resembles Lahti or Ostrobothnia,” analyses Latvala.

Latvala thinks it’s good to have an easier stage like Halttula after tough ones like Myhinpää. He also reminds that if a stage is considered easy beforehand, something might still happen, as seen last year with Esapekka Lappi‘s rally-ending crash and Teemu Suninen’s close call.

Spring’s Saturday route opens with the traditional Leustu. Latvala has good memories from this too, although he regrets that the stage cannot be driven in its original 80s form due to changed road lines.

“Tuohikotasentie (name of the road) would suit the beginning of Leustu well, adding technicality,” suggests Latvala.

Spring’s Power Stage is Parkkola, which would include Mäkelänkyläntie, driven in the Surkee and Moksi special stages from 2007–2021, which Latvala particularly likes.

“Mäkelänkyläntie (name of the road) is one of my favourites. It has tricky spots where you can still go fast and make differences. I liked the small roads because you can make differences on them,” recalls Latvala.

#3 Jaakko Nevala

Shakedown: Ruuhimäki
SS1+10: Harju
SS2+6: Humalamäki
SS3+7: Urria
SS4+8: Ehikki
SS5+9: Vaheri
SS11+15: Väärinmaja
SS12+16: Juupajoki
SS13+17: Ouninpohja
SS14+18: Saalahti
SS19+21: Valkola
SS20+22: Mökkiperä *Power Stage

The third highlighted route is Jaakko Nevala’s. It also includes many of the same stages as Latvala’s dream route: Humalamäki, Urria, Vaheri, Väärinmaja, and Juupajoki.

Latvala considers Humalamäki, opening Friday, too fast for current cars.

“The jumps have been rounded off, and you can drive over them without lifting,” assesses Latvala.

Latvala’s experiences with Ehikki span 20 years – from 2003, when it was a large road, to last year, when it was called Vekkula, with small roads at the start.

“I liked Vekkula more because the small roads added challenge,” compares Latvala.

Nevala’s Saturday ending stage is Saalahti, typically only 4 kilometres long. Latvala recalls 2017 when he drove this stage perfectly but regrets that the difference was less than a second.

“Saalahti is such an easy stage that you can’t make a difference on it. For example, in Sirkkamäki, I made a 2.8-second difference in 2010, although it was only six kilometres long,” reminisces Latvala.

Latvala suggests that smaller roads, often used in tests and local rallies, should be combined with Saalahti.


Finally, a statistical list of the special stages most suggested by readers for their dream routes. Ouninpohja and Ruuhimäki are the overwhelming favourites, but other sections from this year’s route, such as Laukaa, Myhinpää, and Päijälä, are also highly requested.

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