Hyundai hit with hefty fine due to Ott Tänak’s actions

Hyundai received a fine at the end of the WRC Rally Poland, as Ott Tänak was found guilty of a rule violation.
Ott Tänak
Ott Tänak. Photo by: Dufour Fabien/Hyundai Motorsport GmbH
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Tänak’s infraction occurred on Sunday morning in the parc fermé area, where no modifications are allowed to the cars. Tänak removed protective tape from the air intake on the roof of his car before entering the car.

In parc fermé, no changes whatsoever are permitted to the cars.

“The driver was forthright and explained that he mistakenly started removing the tape as the crew were about to enter the car. There was no deliberate reason behind this action, and it was simply muscle memory and an involuntary and unconscious action,” the stewards’ decision stated.

“The driver apologised for the lapse and confirmed that he is well aware of parc fermé conditions and principles and that this action should not have been done.”

Tänak received a reprimand for his actions, but Hyundai was hit with a €5,000 fine. Hyundai had a €5,000 suspended fine from last year’s Acropolis Rally, which was now enforced.

In September last year, a Hyundai team member took pictures of other teams’ cars in the parc fermé area in Greece. The team now had to account for this action. The suspended fine would have expired on 10 September.

Tänak retired from the Rally Poland on Friday morning after colliding with a deer. However, the Estonian showed impressive speed on Sunday, collecting 11 championship points on the final day.

The next round of the WRC season will take place in Latvia in just over two weeks.

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