Marcus Grönholm and Timo Rautiainen “in action” on a legendary stage – and the result is a hilarious video!

The two-time rally world champions Marcus Grönholm and Timo Rautiainen faced a rather unusual challenge in Jyväskylä.
Marcus Grönholm
Marcus Grönholm. Photo by: Aki Hietavala
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The organisers of Rally Finland have brought out the big guns to market the upcoming race in early August. Secto Rally Finland has released a video on social media where Grönholm and Rautiainen get “up to speed” on the iconic Harju city special stage.

However, their vehicle is not a rally car, nor even a car. This time, Grönholm and Rautiainen’s ride has three wheels, as they are given an electric-assisted two-seater bicycle.

The duo’s task is to ride the bicycle through the Harju special stage. The climb to the top of Harju does not go smoothly, but fortunately, there is help available from the roadside.

Even the route of the Harju stage doesn’t come to Grönholm and Rautiainen’s memory easily, but eventually, they make it to the finish line. However, not quite from the correct direction.

Guest stars in the video include Jarmo Lehtinen, Lasse Lampi, and Roope Korhonen.

Watch the hilarious video of Grönholm and Rautiainen’s challenge below! Remember to turn on the captions!

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