Sami Pajari took a jab at the journalists: “Maybe it will gradually become clear to others too”

Sami Pajari drove to a brilliant class victory in the Rally Poland.
Sami Pajari
Sami Pajari and Jari-Matti Latvala. Photo by: Pentti-Oskari Ilmonen
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The success was the second in a row for the Finnish Toyota driver, as he also won his class in Sardinia at the beginning of June.

Pajari dominated his class from start to finish, and the situation remained well under control throughout the weekend.

“This was a really good weekend and I was able to push hard from start to finish. Of course, that meant this victory didn’t come easily”, Pajari rejoiced after the race.

Pajari has now established himself as a frontrunner in the WRC2 class.

“Of course, it feels good and that has been the goal. Many journalists always ask before the race what the goal is, but maybe it will now gradually become clear to everyone else too”, Pajari took a jab at the media.

It was really hot in Poland throughout the weekend. However, the weather was the same for all drivers.

“These races are always really tough when it’s over thirty degrees, but I guess it comes with the territory. Here it was a bit easier, of course, as it was such a fast race. It wasn’t as tough as in some more technical competition, but it was still very warm”, Pajari summarised.

Pajari built a gap to the others at the beginning of the race. Controlling the rally is generally more challenging than chasing.

“It’s always easier, of course, when you’re behind someone and just drive flat out trying to catch up. But I think I managed to keep a good rhythm in my driving, and that’s the most important thing. That way, you don’t make easy mistakes as easily. In hindsight, I can say it went quite well. A clean weekend”, Pajari concluded.

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