Kalle Rovanperä stars in music video celebrating rally culture

Kalle Rovanperä features in the latest music video by the immensely popular Finnish rap duo JVG.
Kalle Rovanperä
Kalle Rovanperä. Photo by: Toyota GAZOO Racing WRT
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JVG, consisting of Ville Galle and Jare Brand, has quickly captivated audiences in Finland with their latest single “Rallikansa,” translated as “Rally Nation.” The official music video has already amassed over 127,000 views on YouTube within two days of its release.

With their latest single, JVG makes a return to their roots. The rap duo first captured the national spotlight with sports-themed songs in spring 2011. Initially, their music became known through the championship celebrations of the Finnish ice hockey team HIFK in 2011, and subsequently through the Finnish national ice hockey team’s world championship victory celebrations, gaining wider national recognition.

Over the years, JVG has produced music on a variety of themes beyond just sports, but their latest single returns to a sports theme. The song starts with the statement “We are the rally nation” and “Rally nation can abandon the map, but not their partner.” Jare’s rhymes mention “life being super fast,” while Ville Galle raps about “In the mind of every boy is Rovanperä’s Toyota. From its cardboard box, everyone can make one at home.”

The music video also features Kalle Rovanperä himself.

“I didn’t actually know them personally before this project,” Rovanperä told DirtFish

 “But my manager, he knows them. I don’t know if that had something to do with it, but they made this rally song and they wanted me to be in it,” Rovanperä continued.

“These guys have really good songs. All the Finnish people know them and it’s quite cool to be part of their project.”

JVG’s biggest hits have typically become national summer anthems, played from every speaker throughout the warm months. Rovanperä firmly believes that this track will follow suit.

“It’s nice that they now made the rally song. It’s going to be, for sure, the song that everybody is listening to the whole summer, especially (Secto) Rally (Finland) time,” Rovanperä predicted.

For Rovanperä, appearing in a music video was not a first-time experience.

“I already did this sort of thing before. I was in a music video already, when I was like 12 or 13, something like this, with the Citroën C2. So, not the first time, but for sure, after a long time, it was it was fun,” Rovanperä shared joyfully.

Rovanperä says he would be open to participating in a similar project again, but he has no ambitions to become a singer.

“I hope not, because that’s not going to be a success,” the Finnish champion laughed.

You can watch the music video for JVG’s latest single “Rallikansa” below via the YouTube embed.

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