Ott Tänak coolly addressed his issues: “Nothing in this life is easy”

Ott Tänak had to give up some time on the final special stage of Saturday morning in Rally de Portugal.
Ott Tänak
Ott Tänak. Photo by: Austral/Hyundai Motorsport GmbH
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Hyundai driver Tänak started the Paredes stage, which concluded the loop, in a narrow lead, but suffered a slow puncture on his right rear tyre.

Tänak ultimately conceded 13.8 seconds to Toyota’s Sebastien Ogier, who moved into the lead of the gravel rally.

“It was quite unfortunate. I don’t know exactly where it happened. I could see from the tyre that there’s a small cut in the sidewall,” Tänak recounted.

“In less than one kilometre, the air was gone, and we had 8.5 kilometres to go without pressure. I slowed down to keep the tyre on the rim and not lose too much. I think it played out quite well in the end.”

Tänak was asked at the midday service how difficult it was to drive so that the tyre would not come off completely.

“Nothing in this life is easy,” Tänak coolly retorted.

According to Tänak, he drove flat out on the other special stages of the morning. He is still within striking distance of Ogier before the afternoon loop.

“We’ll need to keep going in the same way this afternoon, and there’s still tomorrow. Nothing is done yet,” Tänak emphasised.

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